The Horror Show Guide: The Ultimate Frightfest of Movies

From atomic bombs to zealous zombies, this cinefile’s guidebook reviews 1,000 of the wickedest, weirdest, and wackiest scary movies from every age of horror.

American Murder: Criminals, Crimes, and the Media

Investigating the way Hollywood scoops up notorious criminals and turns them into legends, this entertaining who’s-who guide provides thumbnail sketches of such killers as Ma Barker, Black Beard, Al Capone, John Wesley Hardin, and Charles Starkweather.

War Movies

Veteran VideoHound reviewer Mike Mayo strikes deep behind enemy lines, saluting 201 (more than 200) of the most significant war movies ever made.

Video Premieres (1996)

The first book Mike wrote for the Videohound series is based on reviews he wrote for his weekly column, “It Came from the Video Store” for the Roanoke Times & World-News.

Horror Show (1998)

At the time it was written, this was one of the most complete examinations of horror films from the silent era to the 1990s. It is still a fan favorite.


Cult Flicks and Trash Picks (1995)

For ace editor Carol Schwartz, Mike wrote about 100 capsule reviews of off-beat cinematic fare ranging from The Abductors to Young Einstein.

Groovy Movies (2004)

For his friend Irv Slifkin’s exhaustive look at a lot of really cool movies, Mike contributed several reviews on the best of blaxploitation and a few others.

The Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America (2004)

Edited by Gary S. Cross. For this reference book Mike wrote a thumbnail (5,000 word) history of the movies in America.

Under Fire: A Century of War Movies (2009)

Edited by Jay Slater.  Mike contributed a piece on Nazi exploitation films titled “Ilsa, Kitty, Underwater Zombies, Testicle Transplants and Trampolines.”

Books by Mike Mayo