American Murder by Mike Mayo

Mass murderers, spree killers, outlaws—if they’re notorious enough, Hollywood loves to get ahold of them and turn them into folk heroes or vicious monsters.

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Mike Mayo

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Mike Mayo has turned from film writing to fiction with a series of suspense novels set in Prohibition-era New York. Though the books are built around real people and events, they are as fast-paced, violent, sleek and sexy as the times that inspire them.


Jimmy Quinn was a gunman, bootlegger, and bagman, running with mobsters the likes of Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll, until a crushing injury and the murder of Arnold Rothstein ended his career.  Jimmy bought a speakeasy in downtown Manhattan and settled into a quiet retirement –until the day he learns that the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh’s baby has been kidnapped, and his old friend and partner Walter Spencer wants a word. . . Read more


Six months after the conclusion of the first novel, Jimmy is back in his speak. At a particularly unfortunate moment, a bomb explodes outside. Before it’s over, early Nazis, Reds, gangsters, a moderately corrupt detective, and a femme fatale from Jimmy’s past find their way into the mix. They all think that Jimmy has $100,000 in cash, and everybody wants a piece. Read more


In the midst of Prohibition, Jimmy Quinn joins forces with screen siren Fay Wray to take on a King Kong–size case of extortion. It’s March 2, 1933. King Kong is premiering at Radio City Music Hall, and Fay Wray is about to become the most famous actress on earth. So what’s she doing hanging around a rundown Manhattan speakeasy? This Hollywood scream queen has come to see Jimmy Quinn, a limping tough guy who knows every gangster in New York—and does his best to steer clear of them all. Read more

Mike on Movies


Michael Mayo has written about film for the Washington Post and the Roanoke Times.  He was the host of the nationally syndicated radio programs Movie Show on the Radio and Max and Mike on the Movies. He still talks about new films and DVDs every week on select North American radio stations. His non-fiction includes VideoHound’s Video PremieresThe Horror Show GuideWar Movies, and American Murder: Criminals, Crime, and the Media. He is writing a series of suspense novels set in Prohibition-era New York.  Learn more about Mike on Movies.

In Good Company

Michael Mayo is a member of Sisters in Crime, the Mystery Writers of America, the Broadcast Film Critics Association, the International Association of Crime Writers, and the North Carolina Writers’ Network.  He lives in North Carolina.

The readers speak about Jimmy and Fay, Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s, and Jimmy the Stick

“Another fantastic installment for Jimmy the Stick! This is a very well-written series, with exceptional period detail. For anyone unfamiliar with Jimmy – the entire series is great Prohibition Era fiction.”
Rachel on Jimmy and Fay (Goodreads)

“Jimmy’s a bad guy you can root for, and thankfully, he doesn’t get redeemed or see the light in the end.”
Spike on Jimmy the Stick (Amazon)

“One fabulous piece of fiction… The plot is well thought out, the characters are very realistic, and the time period detail is spot-on.”
Rachel, on Jimmy the Stick (Amazon)

“The noir atmosphere is totally convincing, the sentences tight, the characters compelling, and the action non-stop.”
Kcorn on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Amazon)

“This is a great read and a hell of a debut novel.”
Brian on Jimmy the Stick (Amazon)

“One of the finest mysteries I’ve read in a dog’s age – and I love my dogs to be long lived!”
Bill Baker on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Amazon)

“By far one of the best opening lines in a book this year.”
Kippoe on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Amazon)

“This is a fabulous sequel to a first-rate first novel.”
Rachel, on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Goodreads)

“[A]n absolute gem of a suspense novel that takes place during the time of the Lindbergh kidnapping.”
Lolly, on Jimmy the Stick (Goodreads)

Books by Mike Mayo

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