Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s

An explosion outside his speakeasy draws Jimmy into a life-or-death chase.

Young Jimmy Quinn is delivering a bribe for the infamous racketeer Arnold Rothstein when a bomb goes off on Wall Street, killing thirty people and scaring every banker in the city right down to his spats. Twelve years later, Rothstein is dead, and Jimmy is doing his best to stay out of trouble, running a quiet little Manhattan speakeasy. At a particularly bad moment for him and his favorite waitress, a blast rocks the alley outside and draws him right back into the madness of a dozen years ago.

That morning, a strange package came in with his liquor shipment: four plain books filled with cryptic numbers. It seems the motive behind this bombing may have been the same as that behind the explosion on Wall Street more than a decade ago: money. The incident sets Jimmy off on a mad race to stay out of the line of fire, taking him from the heights of the Chrysler Building to the depths of New York’s underworld.


“Mayo spins several clever yarns off this premise as the quick-witted Jimmy hustles to keep one step ahead of the crowd.” —Publishers Weekly

“The second Quinn novel follows the template of the first (Jimmy the Stick, 2012): multiple plot complications combined with Jimmy’s fascinating tales of real crimes and criminals during the 1920s and ’30s.” —Booklist

Reader Reviews

“The noir atmosphere is totally convincing, the sentences tight, the characters compelling, and the action non-stop.” —Kcorn on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Amazon)

“One of the finest mysteries I’ve read in a dog’s age – and I love my dogs to be long lived!” —Bill Baker on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Amazon)

“By far one of the best opening lines in a book this year.” —Kippoe on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Amazon)

“This is a fabulous sequel to a first-rate first novel.” —Rachel, on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Goodreads)

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