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The Vast of Night (PG-13) SF – Low-budget tale of strange goings-on in a ‘50s New Mexico town is a surprise treat for fans of The Twilight Zone, X-Files and Close Encounters. Enjoyable but not the masterpiece some reviewers claim. You will probably hear more of young stars Jake Horowitz and Sierra McCormick and director Andrew Patterson.

Streaming suggestions – Bill Murray, pt.1—comedy

Groundhog Day (PG, 1993) Given today’s situation, this brilliant comedy has new meaning for many of us.

Quick Change (PG-13, 1990) Murray’s only attempt at directing is loosy-goosy caper movie about bank robbers who get lost during their getaway. With Geena Davis, Randy Quaid and Tony Shaloub.

Scrooged (PG-13, 1988) Murray plays a contemporary Scrooge—a network TV executive—who goes through a haunted Christmas Eve in New York. His speech about the true meaning of Christmas is a gem.

Bill Murray, pt.2—drama, comic drama and exploitation

The Razor’s Edge (1984, PG-13) This adaptation of Somerset Maugham’s novel about a WWI veteran trying to find his way isn’t as beloved as the 1946 Tyrone Power film, but I am a longtime fan.

Grand Budapest Hotel (2014, R) Murray’s work with director Wes Anderson is always something out-of-the-ordinary. This ambitious ensemble comic drama is my own favorite.

Wild Things (1998, R and unrated) Murray is the lawyer who defends Matt Dillon against rape charges by Denise Richards and Neve Campbell. A true guilty pleasure.

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