Mike’s Top 7 Movies of 2011

Mike’s Seven Top-Ten movies of 2011

(in no particular order)

The Artist – Jean Dujardin channels Peter Sellers as a silent film star facing the introduction of sound.

The Muppets – Kermit and company attempt a comeback. Terrific humor and songs.

Super 8 – Kids making movies and a monster on the loose in 1978. The summer’s best popcorn movie.

The Descendants – George Clooney deals with the death of his wife and other family problems.

Win Win – Paul Giamatti is a small town lawyer dealing with economic problems and a troubled teenager. Thoroughly engaging and smart.

Moneyball– Brad Pitt tries to turn the Oakland A’s into a winning team using  unorthodox methods. Fascinating even if you don’t care about baseball.

Hugo– Martin Scorsese spins a fairy tale about movies and a boy who lives  within the walls of a train station in 1920s Paris. Perhaps the year’s  most entertaining release.

Honorable Mentions: Crazy Stupid Love, Bridesmaids, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Debt, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pt. 2, My Week with Marilyn

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