Week in DVD, streaming and pay-per-view October 27

On DVD, streaming and pay-per-view October 27

Halloween suggestions

Most people probably won’t be having Halloween parties this weekend, but it’s still a time when a lot of fans and non-fans want to watch some horror movies. Here are seven suggestions, each from a different branch of horror

Hubie Halloween (PG-13) – In full Peewee Herman mode, schlumpy Adam Sandler saves Salem, Mass; defeats bullies young and old, and wins his true love.

In the Mouth of Madness (R) – Underrated exploration of the Lovecraft mythos from director John Carpenter is one of his most polished and frightening works.

A Stir of Echoes (R) – Kevin Bacon stars in an excellent adaptation of a Richard Matheson suburban ghost story. Contains one of the great jump scares of modern movies.

Thirty Days of Night (R) – Among true horror fans, this is considered the best 21st century vampire movie.

Rogue (R) My choice for the best Giant Crocodile Movie Ever. Superb special effects.

Coco (PG) It’s not really horror movie but this visually dazzling animated musical sends its young hero into the Land of the Dead. Disney at its best.

The Invisible Man (R) Update gives the Universal classic a 180-degree twist. Elizabeth Moss has an outside chance at an Oscar nomination in this strange year.

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