Week in DVD, streaming and pay-per-view August 11

On DVD, pay-per-view and streaming August 11

 Streaming Suggestions – Underrated Gangsters, pt.1

 Eastern Promises (R, 2007) – Viggo Mortensen is a Russian enforcer in London who becomes involved with a doctor (Naomi Watts) and a human trafficking network. Some shockingly violent scenes and a letter-perfect conclusion.

The Limey (R, 1999) – British ex-con Terrence Stamp goes to Los Angeles to look into his daughter’s violent death. With Leslie Ann Warren and Peter Fonda as a sleazy music promoter.

Point Blank (not rated, 1967) – Mid-‘60s audiences were surprised by the brutally violent scenes in this adaptation of a Richard Stark novel. Stars Lee Marvin. Directed by John Boorman. Remade in 2007 as Mel Gibson’s Payback.

In theaters August 14

 No new releases.

On DVD, pay-per-view and streaming Aug. 18

 Streaming suggestions – Big Goofy Monsters

 These unapologetically cheesy monster flicks are suitable for kids and grown-ups with a taste for silliness. They were made before the cable channels were filled with deliberately bad titles like Snarknado and Piranhaconda and so they’re much more enjoyable, particularly with a group of like-minded friends who, of course, practice the proper social distancing, etc. etc.

Tremors (1989, PG-13) – Kevin Bacon, Reba McIntyre, Fred Ward and Michael Gross do battle against giant carnivorous superworms that burst up from the Nevada desert. Terrific combination of laughs and scares generated sequels.

Anaconda (1996, PG-13) Perhaps the most obvious computer-generated snake ever dreamed up by the special effects department is as big enough to bolt down a Buick, but it must settle for a particularly crazed Jon Voight. With Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube.

Night of the Lepus (1972, PG) True alternative classic attempts to frighten viewers with slow-motion shots of bunny rabbits hopping around miniature sets. With Janet Leigh, Stuart Whitman and DeForest Kelly.

The Giant Spider Invasion (1975, PG) The title character is played by a Volkswagen; the special effects are cheap and wonderful, the spider-in-a-blender scene is memorable. Veteran cast includes many familiar faces from 1950s TV.

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